Happy New Year! – Let’s make 2013 a positive year!

Towards the end of 2012, there were some positive signs of change.

The school council of Hawthorn Secondary College passed a resolution to look at ways of regenerating the school, the first public meeting was held by the local MP for Prahran to commence a feasibility study into the creation of a new secondary school in the Prahran area, and the City of Yarra unanimously passed a motion to undertake some preliminary research into the demographic profile and educational needs of the Richmond community.

While we would all prefer a new high school in Richmond, the other developments are positive, and may at least provide short term options for Richmond and surrounding families.

Hawthorn Secondary College Advisory Group Meetings
- Starting This Tuesday 5 February

Hawthorn Secondary College has formed an advisory group to seek input and ideas in which the school can regenerate itself for the future. Interested parties are encouraged to attend.

The meetings will be held in the staff room of Hawthorn Secondary College, commencing at 7PM.

The advisory group is being managed by Howard Kelly, Education Consultant.

If you require any further information prior to this week’s meeting, please call me on 0407 090 881 or email me at justin.naylor@prestomondo.com.au

Justin Naylor
Richmond High School Choices

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