To the supporters of Richmond High School Choices: This is the promise we thought we would never hear!

Labor promises a new Richmond High School

The most frequently asked question from Richmond parents to our group is this:
‘When will Richmond get a co-ed public secondary school?’
Our answer is generally: ‘Not in our lifetime, or never’
Our new answer will need to be: ’Hopefully sooner than we think’

On Monday 4 August, the Opposition Leader, Daniel Andrews, local member for Richmond, Richard Wynne, and the Shadow Minister for Education, James Merlino, made the announcement.

Mr Andrews said “Only Labor will build a new high school in Richmond and invest in the future of this community”, adding that “This is what local parents want and local students need”.

Naturally, this outcome will be dependant upon the outcome of the State election on 29 November, unless the Liberal government matches the commitment.

With the ongoing challenges of identifying a suitable site for a new high school in Prahran, a new Richmond High School would be a sensible option for secondary students in the inner south east.

Next Steps

Now is a perfect time to ensure that all Richmond families engage with the issue of education in Richmond, so that we achieve an outcome that rewards the Richmond parents who have fought so hard for so long.

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Thank You to the RHSC founders

Today’s commitment would not have occurred without the tireless work of a dedicated group of Richmond parents who began the Richmond High School Choices group in 2006:
Tom Rowan, Lindy Dadd, Virginia Dods, Leni Mayo and Eddie Hoffman.

Keep fighting for better public education!

Justin Naylor

Here are two important updates for you

City of Yarra Secondary Schools Survey

Many of you should have received a link (via your primary school) to a survey being conducted by the City of Yarra.
If you have not had the opportunity to provide your input, we would encourage you to participate.
Here is the link: Yarra Schools Survey

Our Children Our Schools is now launched

Our Children Our Schools is an alliance of Victorian community education campaigns.

The alliance is currently comprised of the following groups:

  • Beaumaris School Community Group (BSCG)
  • A new school for Bannockburn District
  • High School for Coburg (HSC)
  • Doreen and Mernda Secondary School Alliance
  • Friends of Kyneton Education (FoKE)
  • Oakleigh Ward Local Secondary School (OWLSS)
  • Richmond High School Choices
  • Secondary Education for Seddon, Kingsville and Yarraville (SKY High)
  • TwoSchoolsNow (Port Phillip and Southbank)

Here is a link to the Media Release announcing the launch of Our
Children Our Schools on Friday 28 March:
OCOS Media Release 20140328

If you’re on facebook, it would be great if you could ‘Like’ the facebook page here: OurChildrenOurSchools
Otherwise, join the mailing list if you wish.
Ove rthe coming months, more links and resources will be added to the site.

Thanks for your ongoing interest and support in improving education options for our Richmond children.

Justin Naylor

Languages Education Seminar TONIGHT at Hawthorn Secondary College

This is just a quick update to let you know that there is a languages education seminar tonight at Hawthorn Secondary College auditorium.

The details are:

Language Education Symposium
April 18, 2013, 7.30-9.30pm
Hawthorn Secondary College Auditorium cnr Tooronga Rd & Burgess St, Hawthorn.

Simone Smala, CLIL researcher at University of Queensland outlines how Queensland language immersion programs foster 21st century learning skills for young Australians.
Maria Gindidis of Monash University presents exciting new research on the cognitive benefits of bilingual learning.

Go to languages education symposium for more information.
Options extended for another year

Follow this link to read the correspondence just received from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

Please contact me on 0407 090 881 or if you require any further information.

Justin Naylor
Richmond High School Choices

Hawthorn Secondary College – Report to the Hawthorn College Community, College Council and surrounding schools

Thank you to the supporters of Richmond High School Choices, who have attended the recent Community Advisory Group meetings at Hawthorn Secondary College, as well as the Yarra City Council public meeting held last Wednesday 6 March 2013 to discuss secondary school options for residents in Yarra, with a particular focus on Richmond.

This update is primarily to make you aware that the interim report prepared by the education consultant engaged by Hawthorn Secondary College, Howard Kelly, has been released for comment.  Please note that feedback needs to be provided by Monday 18 March 2013.  Contyact details are available in the report.

You can access the report and other recent information here.

If you can’t attend the above meeting, you are encouraged to visit and ‘like’  our facebook page SchoolChoices for updates.

Our website is currently being updated, so there will be more information available in the near future.

Please contact me on 0407 090 881 or if you require any further information.

Justin Naylor
Richmond High School Choices

Hawthorn Secondary College Consultative Groups continue this week

#3 of 5 – TUESDAY 5 MARCH 2013

#4 of 5 – TUESDAY 19 MARCH 2013

#5 0f 5 – TUESDAY 26 MARCH 2013

Open working groups regarding the future strategy of Hawthorn Secondary College

Education Consultant, Howard Kelly is leading a series of working groups as part of his strategy review for Hawthorn Secondary College.

Two group meetings have been held so far, and there are three more planned before a report is prepared for the School Council of Hawthorn Secondary College.

Interested parties are invited to attend the upcoming meetings.

The details are:
Time: 7:00PM
Date: Tuesday 5 March 2013
Location: Hawthorn Secondary College, Burgess Street, Hawthorn East, 3123

If you can’t attend these meetings, you are encouraged to visit and ‘like’  our facebook page for updates.

Our website is currently being updated, so there will be more information available in the near future.

Please contact me on 0407 090 881 or if you require any further information.

Justin Naylor
Richmond High School Choices

Happy New Year! – Let’s make 2013 a positive year!

Towards the end of 2012, there were some positive signs of change.

The school council of Hawthorn Secondary College passed a resolution to look at ways of regenerating the school, the first public meeting was held by the local MP for Prahran to commence a feasibility study into the creation of a new secondary school in the Prahran area, and the City of Yarra unanimously passed a motion to undertake some preliminary research into the demographic profile and educational needs of the Richmond community.

While we would all prefer a new high school in Richmond, the other developments are positive, and may at least provide short term options for Richmond and surrounding families.

Hawthorn Secondary College Advisory Group Meetings
- Starting This Tuesday 5 February

Hawthorn Secondary College has formed an advisory group to seek input and ideas in which the school can regenerate itself for the future. Interested parties are encouraged to attend.

The meetings will be held in the staff room of Hawthorn Secondary College, commencing at 7PM.

The advisory group is being managed by Howard Kelly, Education Consultant.

If you require any further information prior to this week’s meeting, please call me on 0407 090 881 or email me at

Justin Naylor
Richmond High School Choices